Remixing Reflections and Confessions Part One...

Jules here for guest blog #2… Today marks Day 29 in my first ever 30x30 challenge.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included photos of my outfits from the past week & even pre-photoed what I  promise to wear tomorrow {Day #30}. 
{Day 21}

{Day 22}
*Not pictured :)  I was wearing  Leopard Flats, Camel High Waisted Trouser Pants, Navy Silk Ruffle Shell, and Grey Long Cardigan.  I had a run in with a delicious dessert, and my camel pants went on an emergency trip to the dry cleaners.

{Day 23}

{Day 24}

{Day 25}

{Day 26}

{Day 27}

{Day 28}

{Day 29}

{Day 30}
I also have some reflections & confessions to make… here it goes.

I, J.Doolittle confess that...
{1.} On Day 19 - I cheated.  I went to an event in support of the American Cancer Society & wore a pink one-shouldered dress with AMAZING Stuart Weitzman heels, neither of which were in my 30 items {whoops!}. So I confess, I’m a cheater – but to humor you, my date & I looked remarkably similar to the promo poster for the event {see photo below}.

{2.} The most challenging part of 30x30 is that you are not supposed to shop for 30 days. I am EXTREMELY PROUD to say that in the past 30 days I have not bought ANY clothes, shoes, or accessories!!! I resisted President’s Day weekend sales, impulse buys & online shopping – seriously.
I did spend $52.70 on drycleaning & another $160.60 on alterations/mending {but since those costs were to refurbish clothing I already own, I am not counting it as a shopping violation}. Then the shopping bug bit & knowing I couldn’t buy clothes, I cheated on fashion with furniture. 2 arm chairs, 2 throw pillows & 4 plates later at Pier 1 Imports, I felt a little guilty. Actually, it wasn’t just furniture - I splurged on cosmetics too {make up brushes, exfoliating scrub & body butter at the Body Shop}. I honestly didn’t shop for clothes, but I’m not sure that Kendi Everyday would be very proud of my alternatives.  Apparently, I have a very difficult time resisting the urge to shop.

I, J.Doolittle, reflect that...
{1.} I’m not as fashion forward as J.Reasons but I think I came up with some pretty creative outfits for my days at the office that still felt professional.  I even received some compliments on my outfits from people who had no idea I was doing 30x30 & it has boosted my confidence to be a little more out of the box in my professional wardrobe. 
{2.} I thought the weather was a challenge & terribly inconsistent for February.  Nashville had temperature swings from 20 to 70. I also spent time in single digits in Boston & 80 degrees in Orlando.  Next time I will think more about the weather & having to accommodate multiple seasons in 30 days.
{3.} 12 of my 30 items {& a lot of my accessories} are from J.Crew – I should buy their stock!  Their clothes fit me well & I love their store, but I could probably use a little variety in my shopping.
{4.} While I’m talking about variety, I apparently wear a lot of black {or at least picked a lot of black items in my 30}. It would do my wardrobe some good to include a broader color range. 
{5.} You really start to recognize what you are missing/need in your wardrobe – Day 1 post 30x30 my retail therapy will begin with some new shirts, skirts, & dresses!!!
{6.} I’ve also been thinking about some of the things that have hung in my closet for the past 30 days that I actually haven’t missed at all – expect guest blog #3 to be about a BIG CLOSET CLEAN OUT!
{7.} Last, but not least: I STILL believe you can never have too many shoes!!! {Even if I could only wear 5 pair for 30 days.}
Half the fun of this challenge has been doing it with my best friend, J.Reasons.  I think we will consider doing the 30x30 challenge again {& maybe B.Duncan will be on board next time}, but first J. Reasons has her own confessions/reflections to share… so check back Thursday on Part two of our remixing wrap up.... J. Doolittle

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