{Caution: Outdoor Activities}

Though Fridays mark the day to share our latest love of home decorating & entertaining, it is honestly hard to think about being inside when the weather is so beautiful outside.  Being the type that was not built for camping {J.Reasons here}, when I was younger I will admit that I rarely jumped at any offers to participate in an outdoor activity.  Probably because I am prone to accidents and sweating {ew}...I know that was an over share, but I need you to know where I am coming from.  However, I am older now...more mature...and working to try new things, thus outdoor activities are creeping in to the picture.  

I am already making great strides......if leisurely walking, sitting, a breeze, bright clothes, the beach, the dog park and/or drinks are involved....I know I can make it work. This is why tomorrow Mr. Reasons, Mother Nature, Tucker, and I have a date at 7:00 a.m.  with my colorful Mexican blanket and a cooler full of Mimosa ingredients at Belmont Blvd. to cheer on the runners {many of whom are our friends} for the Music City Half Marathon.  For all of you out there like me, who remain interested but cautious about any activities of the outdoor variety, take these pretty pictures as a source of encouragement.  These sweet little moments make outdoor activities look like a breeze.  If they can do it....I can do it.  I will report back on Monday...vT*


{Stripes+Flirty Skirts+5 Ladies=5 Ways}

Hi Lovelies! J. Reasons here.  Have I ever mentioned that Thursday is my favorite day of the week?  Mr. Reasons comes home from work travel, excitement for the weekend is building, but the weekend has not started yet, so no worries that it is rushing by too quickly.  As I said...I L-O-V-E Thursdays.  We had such a great response last week to our initial 5 Ladies Post that we thought we would try to make it a regular thing around Vintage Teal.  So today we are featuring simple black, grey, and white striped tops and flirty skirts.  Which look is your fave?
 P.S.  Check out one of my favorite blogs Work Your Closet today.  {1}  Because Jamie has the best idea to post her outfit inspirations, and how she recreates the outfit herself. {2} Because I am the featured reader spotlight:)


i wear my sunglasses at night...

Always have sunglasses with you. They are great for when you can't be bothered with putting makeup on. -- Alison Goldfrapp

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of vintage shades... now if we can only get the sun to shine here in Music City we will be in business... {even though we are totally not scared to wear sunglasses when the clouds are gray}.  Sunglasses became popular in the 1940's while ladies and gents were catching rays on the warm beach and they continue to be one of the most popular {and useful} accessories! The bigger the better we say. We are loving the gold aviator, the heavy rimmed color plastic shades and pretty much anything that fits our face. Take a looksie for a few ideas.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5


{s... is for strawberry cupcakes}

Jules here!  J. Reasons claims that I'm the #1 guest blogger for *vT (considering I'm the ONLY guest blogger for *vT - it must be true!).  It has been a while since I've had a chance to share something, so for this week's recipe I bring you my very easy, but very delicious Strawberry Cupcakes

I made some of these cupcakes for a charity bake sale this past weekend & decorated them with Easter themes.  The cupcakes mostly ended up melting in the sun, but they were so cute beforehand (& I hope it's the thought that counts).

  {Yellow Easter Chick Cupcake}

{Strawberry Cake Ingredients}
1 box white cake mix
1 box strawberry jello (3 oz pkg)
3/4 cup smashed frozen strawberries*
1 cup vegetable or canola oil
4 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup water

*I use fresh strawberries if they are in season.

{Strawberry Cake Directions}
|1.|  Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
|2.|  Mash Strawberries.
|3.|  Beat Eggs.
|4.|  Mix all ingredients together until wet, then beat 2 minutes at medium speed.
|5.|  Bake at 350 per cake mix box instructions or till toothpick comes out clean.  Do Not Over Bake.

{Buttercream Icing Ingredients}
1/3 cup butter, softened
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 box powdered sugar
3-4 T canned milk

{Buttercream Icing Directions}
|1.|  Beat butter, salt, & vanilla together.
|2.|  Heat milk in microwave for 10-15 seconds, just to warm slightly.
|3.|  Sift powdered sugar to remove lumps.
|4.|  Add sugar and milk alternately in small portions until icing is smooth.
|5.|  Frost cupcakes after they have cooled completely. 

{Strawberry Easter Bunny Cupcake}

My Easter Bunny decorating idea is really easy & it came from the web - Check out this great video:  Easter Bunny Cupcakes.  I used M&Ms for the eyes (& won $3 off a movie ticket from the package promo code - yeah!).  Also, I skipped a few steps - notice my photo does not include the gel icing whiskers or the icing eye detail.  I'm sure I would have gone the extra mile if I didn't have 6 dozen cupcakes to decorate!

Hope you & your friends enjoy these delicious cupcakes as much as I do!

*mwah,  Jules


{5 Things}

{1. Panama Hat}
 {2. Movie Candy @ the Belcourt}
 {3. Vintage Popcorn Maker @ the Belcourt}
{4. Bright Colored Brick}
 {5. Newly Designed Jewels}
Happy Monday..vT*


The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts....

 The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Aristotle

Collage-defined as a piece of formal art made from the assemblage of different parts, thus creating a new whole. I like to define it as amazing. There is no better way to fill a large wall space than by creating a beautiful wall collage. Half the fun is collecting all the pieces along the way. Flea marrkets, garage sales, {anthropologie},Goodwill.... leave no stone unturned when searching! Each individual piece may not be able to stand alone, but once placed with all the other fabulous pieces, presto! I, b.duncan, am proud to say I have a collage gracing the walls of my living room{picture to follow}. It has been a conversation piece over the years I have lived in my apartment. I don't know that I will ever not have collage in my home... they just make sense to me ;)

Collage de la b.duncan

Blue plate special

I love this button collage




{One Shirt + Five Ladies + Sequins}

One shirt, five ladies, sequins...don't worry we are not about to share some bizarre Las Vegas performance, but rather 5 different looks for one sequin shirt.  Many of you know that we love S-E-Q-U-I-N-S...I mean honestly how can you not?  They are pretty, sparkly, bright, sparkly, fun...did we mention sparkly?  Working these little lovelies into the evening is no prob...but making them appropriate for day can become a little difficult.  Take a look at these five different looks.  We love them and hope you do too....see you tomorrow! vT*




protein power plate please....

To make a good salad is to be a brilliant diplomatist -- the problem is entirely the same in both cases. To know exactly how much oil one must put with one's vinegar.- Oscar Wilde

It's mid week... time for a yummy, healthy dinner.More protein, less carbs! That's what all the books say anyway. Well vT is here with a simple and oh so healthy protein packed meal that will blow your socks off! This recipe is a twist on a very popular dish that is bathing suit friendly. Grilled chicken salad? But not just any grilled chicken salad... one that is full of color, flavor and all kinds of goodness. Read on for the recipe...

Rosemary Grilled Chicken Salad Ingredients

6 boneless, skinless chicken tenders, rinsed
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp garlic
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1 ripe avocado
1 ripe tomato
1 can black beans
12 oz fresh butter or spring mix lettuce
6 oz feta cheese
salt and pepper to taste

|1.| Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
|2.| Rinse chicken and place on baking sheet. Rub with olive oil, balsamic, garlic, lemon juice and zest, rosemary, salt and pepper.
|3.| Bake for 20 minutes until cooked all the way through.
|4.| Layer lettuce on plates. Assemble with fresh slices of avocado, rinsed black beans, tomato, feta cheese and grilled rosemary chicken. Drizzle with balsamic and olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and enjoy!


{Queen of Drizzle}

So it looks like we have some rain headed this way...ahhhgain, which honestly always seems to make us feel yucky.  But doing some searching for cute styles for rainy days turned out better than we thought.  But we have to vote Ms. Bee from Atlantic-Pacific the "Queen of Drizzle."


 We both can agree here at VintagTeal that we rarely look this pulled together in a down poor.  Usually goes something like this...
See you tomorrow....vT*


{Book Worm}

 Happy Monday Folks!  A part of me is always say when I see a favorite store go out of business.  Recently the Borders in Nashville has called it quits, but not without a BLOWOUT sale.  Here is a peak at some of the fun lovelies I scored for a fraction of the price.
1. Guide Book for my trip to Paris with Mr. Reasons to celebrate two years as Mr. & Mrs:)
2.  Loads of papyrus cards...my fave.
3.  Two mini Spirit of Nashville Prints
4.  Two fashion books that I have been eying.
See you tomorrow...vT*


one feather, two feather, red feather, blue feather....

j. reasons made me hip to this new form of hair extension involving feathers. I had never heard of such a thing, but after jumping on the computer and doing a little search, I am seriously considering putting one of these fab feathers in my locks. The style is so bohemian{which is one of my favorite looks}and just screams style. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to wear lovely things in my hair...why not have a semi-permanent piece of decor!? Love it or not, here are a few ideas for ya....

flock to the feather...

Wear them with a sunhat

Focus to find the feather