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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb

Spring has sprung! I have no idea how many of our readers own their own homes, but I was thinking of ways to spruce up the ol condo with a little greenery. Landscaping is def not my forte, and after my aunt purchased me a plant "that was hard to kill," and I managed to kill it, I have learned that I have a black thumb....but I was thinking I would give some greenery around the house one more try. I am really loving flower boxes hanging over the balcony and maybe some hanging plants? Fingers crossed they will survive at least one season. This post reminds me of the time my parents planted hundreds of tulip bulbs and when the time came for them to bloom and not one little flower popped us, we were confused.... only to learn that we planted every single bulb upside down! I guess the black thumb is genetic :)


Travel with your flower box.

Love the color combo here.

I bet the neighbors love this! I would!

Purple and yellow.

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