{Boyfriends & Puppy Love}

I feel a little betrayed by Spring after the bitter bite of this past weekend's weather.  But determined to keep my look bright, while not freezing my bum off, I added some new sparkles to my old boyfriend jeans.  My brother {snickering} told me he loved my "grandma jeans, " and my sweet sister said they were so obviously my "boyfriend" jeans.  I started thinking about my "boyfriend" jeans, and it made me laugh because they are not from my boyfriend.  I don't have a boyfriend....that's number one.  Number two, I got these jeans at a vintage shop, so could they have been from a grandma?  I guess so. So are they my "grandma" jeans?  Regardless, there is nothing like a calm walk with a sweet puppy and pants with a forgiving waistline to wash your worries away. 

Check back tomorrow for some Flea Market Finds...vT*

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