Dig in your attic...

Soooo sorry for the late post today! We have not forgotten about you. While wandering around the flea market last weekend, I started thinking about things to do with pretty tapestries. My friend's mother used to hang them in her house and I always admired them. They always helped to add some pizazz to any room and give the space a good conversation piece. Of course hers were all from the 60's and 70's and were full of vibrant colors and patterns and I always wanted one. {Drat! I should have claimed one while I had the chance...haha} There are so many ways to utilize a pretty tapestry. They are thin, so they can essentially do the job of many things. Use them as a rug to brighten up a space, drape one over your goose down comforter for a whole new look on your bed, or hang one on the wall to take up a large amount of space on super long wall. Also, you can cut one up into several pieces and frame them and display the pretty print all over the house. Go peek in that old trunk in the attic and see if there are some pretty tapestries that you have forgotten about! Here are a few ideas for you.....
Have a happy and relaxing weekend! <3 *vT

Black and White, classic

Bright and vibrant mexican style 

My new room please?
Neutral space brightened up.

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