Get moving and look good doing it...

Dress up. Put on your lipstick and always look your best. You never know who you are going to meet.--Sharon Duncan (My Nanny)

With the sun shining and temperatures in the low to mid 70's, I cannot get enough of being outside... {b.duncan} here. I have been checking out all the hotspots in Nashville to do a little low key hiking and running, and for those of you new to this city, please check out Radnor Lake and Siever Park in the 12th South District as some great spots to start. I just got home from a nice walk at Percy Warner Park(another of my favorite places) with a good friend, and I couldn't help but notice what people were wearing {whats new?} while they work out. We were lucky enough to see two deer ...and get rained on for a bit... but it was beautiful none-the-less! Since I have decided that staying in shape is a nonnegotiable for 2011, I started going through my drawers and I noticed I didn't really have a large collection of "stylish" work out gear. So, after a little while online and a jaunt through lululemon the other day, I seriously cannot wait to purchase some functional/fashionable workout pieces. I am a big fan of throwing on a complimentary headband to keep the wispies and bangs out of the face. Also, I was checking out running shoes for the first time in years. I swear, some of these things look like spaceships, but I also noticed that there were so many more stylish options out there than there were even only a few years ago. Please note that looking your best is possible, even when you are sweating and your mascara has run all over your face...Turn up your color coordinated ipod and get moving! Happy Thursday! This week has flown by! <3 *vT

Comfy and Cute
Black and Yellow :)

Matching headband...


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