rugged rug, lovely look....

{b.duncan} here.I have literally become OBSESSED with finding an animal hide rug. For whatever reason, I have decided that I really want a brown and white cow hide as a rug in my room. Bizarre I know, but I just can't help but love the raw/cozy look? Those two words are oxymorons, I know.... I can't help but want that chic look in my room. I will be combing through all the booths at the flea market in hopes that I will find something of the sort tomorrow.  What I love about these rugs is that fact that they can go anywhere. They are a big purchase, but is can be rationalized by reminding oneself that it is something you can have forever :) {Thank you j.reasons for always reminding me that whatever big purchase I make, it will be something I have forever...} Here are a few pictures of these lovely things. 


Those involved in animal rights and/or PETA... I will make sure that whatever cowhide I decide to purchase will have come from a cow that passed from natural causes, I promise. Happy weekend to all!

Giraffe hide
Chic Zebra
All white with spots
Just like this one!

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