Remixing Reflections and Confessions Part Two...

Hi Thursday...I missed you.  I am here to share about my little 30x30 adventure.  First, let me share my outfits of the last days with you.
{Day 21}
{Day 22}
{Day 23}
{Day 24}
{Day 25}
{Day 26}
{Day 27}
{Day 28}
{Day 29}
{Day 30}

Well that's the end of the old 30x30 pics this go around.  Now on to the good stuff.  

I, J. Reasons, confess that....
{1.} On Day 19 I cheated.  Not the whole day, but for a blissful three hours I was in one of my go to blue dresses at a sweet friends bridal shower.  The rest of the day I spent my time in good old 30x30 land.  
{2.} On rainy days I cheated and wore my rain boots. My job requires me to walk around a college campus, briskly I might add, every day.  Sooooo you can imagine the real 30x30 challenge I would have had walking, literally miles, in the rain, uphill both ways, in my heels.  Now I will add I braved a day of the winter snow in my blush booties.  I would ask that you give me some bonus points for that, except it was just plain stupid.
{3.} Now this is the worst confession of them all.  I debated on whether or not to even share this, so deep breath, here it comes...I shopped.  I am ashamed to say it, but I shopped. Not every week, but a couple of select times.  I really think I set myself up for failure as February is my birthday month and many of my friends know I love the gift of shopping, so what did I get...J.Crew gift cards + birthday money from my sweet grandparents + a birthday trip to NYC + 20% off all full priced items sale at J.Crew.  You get the picture.  A big thank you to those of you still reading as I realize I have now lost most if not all of my 30x30 street cred, but it feels good to get that all of my chest.  

I, J. Reasons, reflect that...
{1.} Even though I shopped a few select times, I can honestly say there were not many impulse buys in there, and I could make a long list of things that I saw during the 30x30 while window shopping that I wanted, but didn't buy.  I starting asking myself some serious questions.  Do I really need that?  Have I been wanting/looking/needing something like this?  Will it work well the wardrobe I have? 
{2} As someone, who sometimes has a love and hate relationships with my closet, I found myself missing some of my old friends, and by friends I mean clothes and shoes taking a rest during the challenge.   I really felt like limiting myself to only 30 items from the closet made me appreciate a lot more of what I already have. 
{3} I really found myself in some outfits during the challenge that I would have never put together.  One can have so many options when taking into consideration your entire closet that you are not always pushed to be creative. 
{4} There was one top amongst my picks that I have always thought was just beautiful.  The shimmery, peach blouse.  However, I wore it only once during the challenge, which is honestly probably the first time I have worn it,  because as I have always thought it is itchy and hot.  I could be standing in the middle of a glacier, and I am certain I would sweat in this top because the b**** doesn't BREATH.  I have therefore decided to take a hard look at those pieces in my closet that are beautiful, but uncomfortable.   
{5} I know many of you will not be surprised by this one, in fact most of you are probably smirking thinking I told you so.  But I have to say what idiot picks 4 heels out of 5 pairs of shoes for their 30x30.  Oh wait that was me.

I have to conclude by echoing my sweet friend.  Most of the fun in this 30x30 challenge came from doing it with my sweet Jules.  We have big plans to do it again, and though wearing only 30 of my items was a challenge for me that I am proud to say I completed, I promise to give the no shopping bit a better try next time around.  See you tomorrow...J.Reasons. 

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