Good Closet, Bad Closet...

"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet." -Carrie SATC
After the little 30x30 challenge and with the change of seasons, we have all been dying to do some serious work on our closets.  We can honestly say right now that none of our closets are anything you would be envious of.  I, J.Reasons, would describe my closet as something on the verge of a riot packed full with the old, new, wearable, unwearable, work appropriate, dress up appropriate, sequins, feathers, not to mention lions and tigers and bears, OH MY.  Just kidding...even though on a chilly day you can find my sweet little Kitty hiding in there because why not everything else seems to be hiding in there because it is utter chaos.   J. Doolittle and B. Duncan's closets are no better, so we seriously need some help.  Ok I lied again..Doolittle's is not that bad at all.  She is in fact the master mind behind our annual closet clean outs, and trust me the girl has skillzzz.  Many of these skillzz will help to boost what I like to call one's quality of life points {such as her tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet...YES I am here to tell you it can be done}, but we will save that for later. 

So we leave you today with some teasers of oh so amazing closets we will have in mind when cleaning and styling our own.  Now keep in mind that not one of us has a big room or walk in closet, so don't get too excited.  But do get excited about some simple ways to make your little space a slice of heaven all your own because over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing the transformation of our own closets right here...so check back in for some befores, in betweens, and afters...love vT & all the monsters in our closets
Impressive Folding
Yeah....none of our closets will look like this, but a girl can dream right?
Fun Closet Accessories

Love the Drapes but a little too much PINK.
Certain this does not count as a closet...but seriously pretty.

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