B. is for Bloom...

{Shopping at the Flea Market}

{Sunday Date Night}
 So after promises of b.duncan's summer filled garden parties for VintageTeal, I found myself craving more than just the usual floral pattern this weekend.  For some reason, I can't imagine welcoming spring any other way than slapping a big faux flower on myself.  Though I have always had one or two of these pretties lying around, my new favorite is the baby blue bloom pictured above from {EmersonMade}.  Love this "beautiful blue wild rose" so much I picked up "the poppy" this weekend.  Not sure how to wear these girls, the EmersonMade site is filled with ideas, and you will see the lovelies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  See you here tomorrow for a serious 30x30 remix tell all.
Yours in Flower Power...vT  

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