Delightful dwelling...

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise." -Benjamin Franklin
{Secret Hideaway}
Long day at work, dinner, red wine, bath, book and then bed...... ahhhhhhhh, bed.... Finally time to crawl into bed. There is really no better escape than a clean, uncluttered bedroom. The bedroom is where we enjoy our MOST favorite past time.... sleep. That's right! This is where we go to unwind and get that much needed beauty rest{No one looks good with bags under their eyes, believe us}, so keeping things neutral can be one way to help relax the mind. Mix neutral colors and textures to create a cozy, sweet little hideaway. Less really can be more in this instance. Here are a few bedrooms we want for ourselves!
{Rustic Bedroom}

{Less is more sometimes...}
{What is more relaxing than a sweet little, lounging pup?}
{Tented netting...the perfect way to add a little serenity.}
{Sooo relaxing.}

We hope you spend your weekend in a clean, cozy neutral bedroom, relaxing away and catching up on some much needed sleep! Make your dwelling delightful! Enjoy the weekend...*vT

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