Glass with class..

 Woot for Friday and as always thank you for coming to take a peek at vT's post.  Today we are excited to share a special interior design project that we recently helped a friend with.  The task = a sparse fireplace mantel in need of a touch of color + obsession with vintage antique class + interest in multi-colored ombre color scheme. Final design =...

{Final Product}
After reviewing some magazine clippings that our friend was drawn to and grabbing a cup of joe, we hit the town to poke through some of our favorite Nashville antique stores, including GasLamp Antiques and the Tennessee Antique Mall.  We had our eye out for antique glass in bold colors that were moderately priced.  Not only were we able to find exactly what we were looking for to help our friend create her mantel design, but we picked up a few things for ourselves.  Enjoy the weekend...vT*


  1. I love it! This looks like Jules mantle. Whether or not it is, the decorations look wonderful!! My room needs more help :)

  2. Love this! I may have to steal this idea. :p