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So as promised we are here today to share Jules' picks for the 30x30 challenge with our first guest blog:).  The jury is still out on whether B. Duncan will be joining the 30x30 as we have all gotten into this and found out it is a tinsy bit of a commitment. {On Saturday she wore work out pants to brunch and proudly said when asked if they were in her 30, "They are workout clothes they don't count."  Jules explained that unless she was going to be running in the pants they did count.}  But nevertheless take it away Jules'...
{Sweet Jules}
 J.Reasons & B.Duncan are two of my dearest friends & supporters, so when they shared the idea of 30 for 30 from Kendi Everyday & gave me an opportunity to guest blog – I took the challenge!  I was slightly intimidated by the thought of mixing & matching 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days {especially after seeing J.Reasons’ amazing picks - she is so fashionable!}, but it sounded fun & really, how hard could this be??? 

I get an occasional shout-out on the vT* blog {usually as “J.Doolittle” or “Jules”} but you will need a little more insight to my life to understand how I went about picking my 30 pieces...  I am a healthcare consultant in Nashville & no two 40++ hour work weeks are ever the same.  I travel almost every week with my job {in fact, I started 30 for 30 in a blizzard in Boston!} & traveling to client sites means 3 wardrobe goals:  professional, comfortable & weather appropriate.  30 for 30 didn’t seem THAT difficult until I realized that I couldn’t just think about what to wear to work. My office is pretty casual, but conservative, & I haven’t always had a lot of common ground between my work wardrobe & outfits to wear out on the town.  This was the point that I realized 30 for 30 might be harder than I’d originally thought!  I needed 30 pieces that could transition between my professional environment & my social events - I also needed clothes that could pack easily & shoes that weren’t a hassle at airport security.  After some much appreciated help from J.Reasons selecting my last 8 items, for better or worse, here’s what I’m working with for the next 30 days:
{Cowgirls, Dan Post.  Leopards, Gap. Booties, Ash. Black Boots, Bronx. Black Heels, Boutique 9.}
{Jeans,Kasil. Camel Trousers, J.Crew. Black Wood Dress Pants, Banana. Black Cords, J.Crew. Jeggins, Joe's Jeans. Skirt, Harold's}
{Navy Army Jacket, J.Crew. Jean Jacket, J. Crew, Black Wool Blazer, Banana.}
{Cranberry Top, Eddie Bauer. White T, Gap. Polka Dots, J.Crew. Cream top, J.Crew, Navy top, J.Crew.}

{Black Turtle Neck, J.Crew. Black & Lace Top, J.Crew. Sparkles, J.Crew. Dress, J.Crew}
{Striped Button-up, Eddie Bauer. Coral Tank, Forever 21. White Button-up, Harold's}
{Grey Cardy, Banana. Grey V Neck, Ann Taylor. Black Cardy, J.Crew.  Eggplant sweater, Banana.}

I think the biggest challenge for the 2.5 to 3 of us participating in “vT* 30 for 30” is going to be getting pictures of our outfits every day.  Traveling alone is not conducive to high quality photos {think self portraits in the hotel mirror with a camera phone}…. But don’t worry, we are all committed; we are all keeping track of our outfits; & we promise to post pictures as soon as possible!  Here are a few of my outfits from my first 7 days of the challenge:

As you can see I am missing some pics for the big blizzard, but no worries more to come as we plan on having some photo shoots soon… Merry  Remiiixing!
*mwah, Jules
{We love the simple, elegance of Jules' Style and are so glad she is mixing things up with us during the challenge..vT*}


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  1. love the cowboy boots and the sequin top!!!! :)