Get to the garden...

Life's a garden... Dig it!-- Joe Dirt

Flash floods/tornadoes anyone? Geez Nashville......we can't catch a break here!... Been daydreaming all day about having a garden dinner party. Thinking about the menu, the guest list, the location and most importantly... {well maybe not... but an important part none-the-less}... the tablescape! There is nothing more relaxing then dining al fresco with good company, good food and good wine. Dinner parties are a large part of vT's social calendar when the sun starts shining.

So Earthy
A luxurious table is simple to create. Find elements you want to include. Flowers, plants, cloth, candles, pretty china and whatever else suits your fancy and start placing. We are a big fan of burlap, soft flowers and candles.  There is something so pretty about soft flowers and low light on a rough texture such as burlap. Entertaining can be daunting, we know, but you can fearlessly invite guests over when you have a layout such as some of these! Don't worry if you can't cook, feel free to cater and sip on some cocktails while guests compliment your "hostess with the mostess" work! We will make it a personal goal to try and recreate each and every one of these this spring and summer...

Okay.. love this... might be a little uncomfortable, but "hay!"


Simple and Elegant

Perfect dinner party spot.

Garden paradise

Yay for the weekend and the flea market! Can't wait to see all the deals! *vT

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  1. these pictures are amazing! I love the thought of outside dining. It'll be a while before its nice enough here tho!