Gramercy Park Please....

Late Friday Afternoon...such a good feeling.  Sorry we are a bit behind today, J. Reasons here and I am slacking a bit today.  For those of you that did not know it was my birthday last week, and I had the best birthday weekend {sweet Stuart+parents+NYC+Gramercy Park Hotel+food+MET+amazing weather+shops+private park+lots of giggles}.  I have been dieing to go tot he Gramercy Park Hotel since Stuart and I went to the GPH Rose Bar last year during a trip to the big city.  For those of you that have not been, you are in for a treat.  I snapped so many amazing pics of the inside of this little gem. 
Sitting Area

Perfect Place to Snooze

Blown Glass Chandelier

Candle...should have stolen one...read below to see why:)


Concierge Desk

The unexpected perfect match of light, hunter green and rich red throughout GPH was one of my favorite things.  What else did I love...
1.The rooftop bar and restaurant. 
2. The sweet concierge, who sent us champagne at our Saturday night dinner. 
3. The Cade candles popping up all other the hotel.  I was so excited to see the candle was for sale in the mini bar...until I saw it was $150.00.  Maybe next time...actually maybe never. 
4. GPH is in midtown right next to the Gramercy Park, which is one of the two private parks left in Manhatten.  This really cut down on the traffic in the streets around the hotel, so we felt tucked away from the usual hussle and bussle of NYC.
5.  The Gramercy Park only gives out keys to those, who own property in the buildings directly bordering the park.  Lucky key holders include Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts.  But if you stay at the Gramercy Park you can go in the park as often as you like since they have hotel keys.  After a Saturday filled with fun and before dinner Stuart, my sweet parents, and I took some candies and cigars to take in the view from the park.
Inside the Gramercy Park

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  1. This is one of Bryant's favorite places! So pretty!