Florals for Fossil...

"No man can have a healthy love of flowers unless he loves the wild ones." -Unknown
{sweet floral}
There is something so honest and real about a raggedy, wild flower.  Often full of character and rustic charm, they seem to be the old souls amongst the blooms.  It is for this same reason, that we often find ourselves drawn to busy floral prints.  Dress, tops, shorts, cardigan, you name it we probably would like it in a wild, floral pattern.  So today we thought we would share some pretty floral looks that we stumbled upon this weekend {unexpectedly} from some of Fossil's 2010 & 2011 LookBooks.  1. Who knew Fossil made anything but time pieces and leather accessories? {We didn't, but sometimes feel like we could be living under a rock since we are not up on all the latest news.} 2. Who knew that Fossil clothes would be so....well fashionable?  Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.
{Especially love the long floral print skirt & socks with heels.}
{Love the floral dress + army green jacket.}
{So many ways to wear floral.}
You will notice that some of these looks might seem more appropriate for spring or summer.  But mix in some dark denim skinnies, liquid leggings, or a thick tight, layer your look with long sleeved fitted tees or turtle necks, and top yourself off with a cozy scarf.  You will still manage to be in bloom during the dreariest of winter days.  Certainly some inspiration for our remix.  Check back next week to see the floral looks we tried.  Also get ready for some details on our first lovely giveaway....vT*


  1. LOVE these looks. Thanks for sharing all the pretty florals-- I want to start shopping for spring. :)

  2. Thank you Christina...we love, love florals too:)