Remixx!...or not...

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.-- Benjamin Franklin

Thank you Benjamin Franklin for another great and oh soo true statement... b.duncan here, writing about my "epic fail" {couldn't help it} on this 30 for 30 remixx project. Everything started out as planned, well sort of. Being the more "go with the wind" in the three that is Vintage Teal made this project a little more complex for me. I am not the biggest planner, and I thought this would work out just fine because I could build my pieces as I went within the first couple days, however, that was not the case. j. reasons and j. doolittle, true to form, had all their pretty pieces selected, photographed and hung on a rolling rack before I could even blink. Anywho, the first few days went as planned. I chose my outfits accordingly and decided the morning of what would be going in my option bank, that was until I realized that I was working at a trucking company. Yes that's right. My first day was Monday, and this little adventure started Tuesday. Little did I know that what I chose to wear to work would be spoken about among the drivers.... nothing revealing mind you, just my usual "out there style" which was causing a stir among my new friends. We shall just say my choices were not conducive to my new place of employment... I woke up Saturday morning to my neighbor needing a ride somewhere, threw on my fancy sweats {Breckenridge hoodie, dance pants and chuck taylors} and was out the door. Shortly after, I met with j.doolittle at Noshville and of course, she was in her remixx finest. "What in the world are you wearing?," she asked. I had nothing, I had been caught. I am a bonified 30 for 30 Remixx drop out... FAIL. Next time however, I will be recruiting help from my better {thirds} and have everything prepared for this challenge in the spring! Love to all our readers... I will leave you with a photo of one dress that made the cut....
Next week be expecting a full update on the remixing J. Doolittle & J. Reasons have been up to.  But for now take a peak at some of their favorite outfits so far....see you tomorrow vT*

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  1. yea, i haven't been brave enough for the 30x30 challenge. at least you all have great shoes choices :) can't go wrong with pretty shoes!