{Dotted Up}

{Pretty Dots from a Blogger's Flea Market Trip}
 Aahhhh Thursday.  J. Reasons writing to you with a smile because Thursday in my opinion is the best day.  My sweet husband comes home from his weekly travel on Thursdays, I have the anticipation of the weekend building up, but the weekend has not started yet, so no feelings of saddnes that Monday is approaching yet again too quickly.  This weekend is also extra special as I am also anxiously awaiting one of my favorite events....The Flea Market!  I would tell you that Mr. Reasons is anxiously awaiting his favorite past time as well, but I would be lying.  However, I do think he has fun at the Flea Markets by intentionally picking out the most hidious trinkets and demanding that we have to take it home, and honestly I find myself asking..."Doesn't he deserve the trinket for coming along?"  I usually like to go to the Flea Market with my eyes pealed for something, and this weekend it will be dots.  I see these sweet little circles popping up everywhere, and for some reason they always make me smile.  For your viewing pleasure....
{What is better than Dots & Furr?}
{I spot..big dots.}
{Love the mix of Cream & White.}
{Not feeling the life size polka dot clothes...try a sweet little clutch instead.}
   Happy {pretty much} weekend...vT*

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