Diamonds in the rough...

Flea Market Goody Pile
 So as B. Duncan mentioned last Friday she was hitting up The Flea Market with a very specific item in mind.  Not sure if she found it, but she will be sharing her amazing finds later this week.  I took a quick rainy day trip to The Flea with J. Doolittle.  Not always up for searching through what most think is junk, Jules proudly claimed, "She was along for the social experience."  Good thing too since she took on the role of my "Flea Market Sugar Daddy" after I had to bum $5 off her {Mr. Reasons was glad to get a free pass from The Flea}.  Here is a peak at what I found....
Visited the "Bead Man" and picked up some great primary colors and some vintage chain.
There was a new booth in town, so I grabbed all these pretties.  Some are stand alone pieces and others I have plans to incorporate with some larger statement pieces.
Could not wait to use that gold vintage chain, so I made this girl for an event this week.  What do you think?
Hope to see you tomorrow...vT*


  1. LOVE the new piece, Jess! Gorgeous! I think it is one of my favorites yet!

  2. This is so beautiful! Would you ladies be open to doing a piece for an upcoming Tsunami Relief Dinner that I will be hosting with Top Chef Arnold Myint? Let me know!

  3. We would love to help TerryBlossom:)

  4. If I can find a booth that has more old military medals and pins I'd go to the flea market every weekend. Lucca, Italy has a flea market for antique collectors every 3rd weekend of the month and you can find some very "interesting" WW2 (Mussolini) memorabilia from European family's collections for sale there

  5. This is beautiful. I'm interested in learning how to make jewelry and have collected old jewelry and broken jewelry for years, but don't know how to go about getting started. Any pointers?