Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

{b.duncan here}I once had to get published five times in this class in college in order to make an "A." Sitting there, after I was given the assignment, I thought, "What is the world do I know enough about that others would even care to read about?" After two solid days of thinking, my mom pointed out that I have always had a knack for "turning trash into treasure," Ah ha! That is exactly what I wrote about for my first published article. My mother's statement never rang more true than when I moved into my first "adult condo" and all of the college decor had to go. No more "glued back together" coffee tables, hand painted hot pink and orange picture frames and no more milk crates for chairs... ok it wasn't that bad, but still... Decorating on a budget really isn't so bad once you get started. I just realized that I didn't have to take everything so literally for what it was, which is why I am going to share a few pictures of objects that are no longer as they seem :)

{Windows or headboard?}

{Old books and empty window frame make fab nightstand decor}

{Towel rack=Jewelry display..this was j.reason's idea!}

{Broken gate=wall decor or headboard.. whichever you like}

{Piggy watering can= nightstand buddy}

{Silly ol' rocks= custom jewelry piece}

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