neutrals, creams and other extremes...

“"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”-Coco Chanel

b.duncan here, back from NYC {boo.} and here to share a few fashion trends I couldn't help but notice while trekking the streets of the big apple. Gracing the windows and walls of all the major stores were two quite opposite trends. First, I noticed all the neutral and nude tones every where. Whimsical, soft textured clothing with an elegant appeal. Turn you head the other way- COLOR. Bright as can be, solid, highlighted and jeweled toned colors were everywhere. Color blocking has been a trend that has been creeping its way into our wardrobes for a bit, but it all became so obvious as I was taking everything in, while at one of the fashion meccas of the world. The juxtaposition, the bright colors and the neutral tones set up a gorgeous display in every store. Had my camera not mysteriously disappeared for a portion of the trip{long story} then I would have more pictures to share, however, I came up with a few...Please don't be afraid to try either trend. Both can look so distinguished and polished.

I want this outfit.

Frills that kill.


Color. Blocked.


Zara Again.

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