meet me on the east side...

"And den I bought a house." LB

Please view my home away from home in the very near future
.Adorable right? This would be my old roommate {and wonderful friend's} new home! LB purchased her first big girl house on the east side and she has hired me to decorate... twist my arm...Side note-apparently this house was voted "cutest house in Nashville" and will be featured on HGTV in the near future! If I owned it I would go around telling everyone that I lived in the "cutest house in Nashville" and that I had proof! I have been daydreaming of some fun ideas for her new dwelling and I have been reading my House Beautiful magazines religiously. If you are into home decor, PLEASE, trust me and order this magazine. It's full of fabulous ideas and great inspiration for anyone wanting to make a few changes or completely revamp. I am going to visit the house tomorrow to take some measurements and brainstorm a little with LB. First order of business, I am making her set a budget and give me a few color schemes she likes so we can get the ball rolling. Yay for the weekend! Hope everyone has some fun plans.. Here are a few enticing pics from House Beautiful if you need a preview before ya order....

notice the checked floors.

where do I find a red tub?

love the texture and color scheme

I'll take it.

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