{Egg on My Pizza}

So we know this might be a little weird.  In fact, we know some of you might be grossed out.  If you like pizza and your eggs sunny side up then read on.  If you don't like either of these foods then check back with us tomorrow.  J. Doolittle and I had both had this dish at a local hot spot, and we could not wait to try it out for Blair to taste.  City House in Nashville is an amazing place to dine featuring unique twists on Italian dishes.  One of these unique twists...add a cracked egg to any of there homemade pizzas.  Who would have thought it would be amazing?  Looking for a quick meal to make for ladies night, I picked up a magarita frozen pizza, used the directions on the back of the box, and cracked the egg on top of the pizza with about half the baking left.  I will admit I got a little freaked out and left it in for some extra time on a higher temp to make sure the egg was cooked.  This was the wrong move as our egg was a bit over cooked, yet still delicious.  Seriously, just use the general directions on the back of your pizza box, crack the egg on top of the pizza with half the baking time left, and turn the temperature up 25 degrees with 2 minutes to go.  Hope you like it..vT


  1. Sounds freaking amazing if you ask me! I like egg on just about anything...

  2. isn't it delish?!! it's a big thing in England, which is where i first tried it and became OB-sessed. Haven't had my fix in awhile, so i have a sneaking suspicion that i'll have to try out City House! Thanks for reminding me of the glory of egg on pizza.

    P.S. LOVE the blog. keep it up!