Trick or Tribal...

Happy Tuesday Vintage Teal Readers!  On Sunday, most of us in Nashville could be found inside cuddled up by the fire watching the beautiful snowflakes fall and fall and fall.  It was so lovely, until Monday when we were all forced out of our hiding places to face the real world.  Not to mention the daunting task of dressing fashionably without freezing your buns off.  Enter the tribal trend (which doesn't have to be reserved for the warmer weather), complete with an exotic, bohemian vibe comprised of vibrant colors, amazing jewelry, and many things warm...
Gucci Fringe! Courtesy of A Sweet Perspective
Something to keep your tootsies warm courtesy of ZoomZoom
Sweet Little Fringe Moccasins Courtesy of FabSuger
Tribal Print Accessories Courtesy of All Things Marie
Tribal Looks for Everyone Courtesy of Smitten & Hazel

So pile on the beads, sweaters, suede, and fringe, grab your travel size mug of hot coco, and get on with your life...hope to see you tomorrow vT*

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