Capes and other shapes...

Capes. Just take a moment to think about the word. Visions of superheros pop into our imagination and we are reminded of the time we made a cape out of our mother's red robe and dove down the stairs...or maybe thats just us. Any-who, capes, capelets, ponchos and stoles have made an enormous comeback this year!

There are several styles and ways to wear this garment. But first, let us define the difference for you.

CAPES open to the front and drape over the shoulders with slits where the arms can come through for comfort and ease.  While, their sibling, the CAPLET, are the same, but short and sweet.
SHAWLS, WRAPS and STOLES tend to be a bit more demure, if you will. These usually are worn only around the shoulders, and made from luxurious fabrics such as silk or fur. Most of the time wraps, shawls and stoles are paired with evening wearing.
vT loves the furry ones*
PONCHOS drape over body in a square shape with one hole made for the head. Ponchos tend to be worn more casually.
Simple poncho, simple fringe, amazing jewels*
This trend is here to stay... we hope, because VintageTeal has already jumped on the bandwagon and found some lovely capes to wear for the remainder of the season!  Check in tomorrow for some house decor ideas! vT*

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