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Humans have covered their heads since the time of yore, whether it be to protect one's little head from the elements or show a certain social status, hats have always been "in." If we are speaking fashion, hats are the ultimate accessory if you want to get noticed. Remember the old saying? "If you want to get ahead in life, wear a hat." So today, VintageTeal is here to tell our readers about fabulous vintage hats.

Angelina Jolie in a cloche
Bold Emerald green hat
There are many styles we favor. One being the classic cloche hat. It looks adorable with any hair style and is so easy to adhere a lovely brooch to. {Also, LOVE the red lipstick with this hat.} Fedoras are here to stay, both men and women can enjoy these for fashion and warmth. Why not look suave while shopping the local Kroger. :) Now is not the time to fear color. Go for something bold like a royal blue or emerald green to make your outfit pop. Netting, silk, feathers and fur are accepted and welcome.

Vintage fedoras

A great place to start if you would like to find a moderately priced vintage hat is a local antique mall. Nashville has several that are great for all of your vintage shopping needs. We love the Gaslamp Antique Mall and the Tennessee Antique Mall for starters. While recently perusing these local antique malls, vT found three vintage hats all less than $10 each. Merry Christmas to us!Also, if you are lucky enough to catch the flea market, you will find some Ahhh-mazing deals! Happy Thursday. xo *vT
Oh...ps...if Carrie Bradshaw does it so should we, right? RIGHT. <3

P.S. Check out StyleBy.Me, a local look book from our home state AR also co-founded by one of our close friends, to sneak a peak at one of VintageTeal's new designs.                                                                                                                    
Sex and the City 2...Hat in hand...

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