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Happy Friday VintageTeal Readers!
As you will soon see from today's piece, we have four things usually on our minds, VintageTeal Jewelry, fashion, cooking, and home design.  We hope that you have enjoyed our first week of sharing because each week we will be sticking to the same menu...
Monday "VintageTeal Jewelry Sneak Peak"
Tuesday "What's on VintageTeal's Fashion Mind"
Wednesday "What's Making VintageTeal Hungry"
Thursday "What's on VintageTeal's Fashion Mind"
Friday "VintageTeal Home for the Weekend"

We found it only fitting that we share VintageTeal's of the moment favorites for home design on Fridays, as so many of us spend our weekends recharging at home.  Whether it is a dinner party with many friends or curling up on the couch with your loved ones to watch a favorite movie, home should be a place of both retreat and refuge.  Therefore home should be just as YOU like it, but we look forward to sharing some ideas that might be inspiration for you. Which brings me to....
Elle Decor's Latest Magazine Cover

We found this dining room to be rustic, breathtaking, academic, inviting, cozy, and vintage all at the same time.  This feature look came from a barn house that a team of three designers, mother and daughters, so eloquently styled.  Their ability to mix pure elegance with the rustic, old-world feel of a barn is so inspiring.  We started to look for more spaces with a similar feel and below you will see what we found....hope your weekend is filled with warmth...xo*vT*
Rustic Dining Room Courtesy of The Independent
Elle Decor Courtesy of D'Amore Interiors
Rustic Kitchen Courtesy of Elle Decor
Rustic Bathroom Courtesy of Reynolds Still
Rustic Living Room Courtesy of House Beautiful

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