Besotted for bow ties...

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We hope you all are staring to get settled back into the normalcy of life as another holiday has passed, but we would bet you have already started to think about what you will be doing, and more importantly what you will be wearing for the New Year.  Might we share a suggestion?  Bow ties for the ladies...
Is it a yes or a hell no?
We do realize that this might be the point, when you respectfully decide to file us in with the crazies and never visit us again.  But hear us out because after all you can decide to either throw caution to the wind or sit this one out.  We can sympathize because at first the bow tie trend made us a tiny bit nervous.  Until we started to see a variety of ways to wear them.  As always, for example...   
Simple, Sweet, & Sexy!
Throw on a sequin jacket or swap the pants for a sequin skirt and tights...Hello New Year!
Mini bow ties for the curious but nervous
Large and in Charge*

Left untied for a different look*
As you can see, these sweet little or big ties can add a special touch to any look. We hope you enjoyed the pics...visit us tomorrow for our yummy recipe of the week...vT*

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