The princess and the pillows...

Though many of us have spent the week deciding what sparkles and jewels we will wear to bring in the new year, some of us have also wondered how we might add something extra to freshen up our home in the new year.  Chances are you already have something lying around your house or at your favorite home store that can freshen up your look....P-I-L-L-O-W-S!
Scarf Pillows
Pillows are an obvious answer for most of us as accents.  Sometimes though the wild colors and patterns can be a little intimidating, especially when mixing and matching for a unique and eclectic  look.  But the great thing about pillows is that they don't require a lot of commitment.  You can find them reasonably priced at many home goods stores, markets, and online sights.  Below are a few examples of the unique style you can bring to your home sweet home to brighten things up for the new year.  
Here several different prints with a common shade of chocolate brown bring some life to this room*
Here a sweet little pillow ties the two larger prints together to make a cozy work space*
Here two bright textile pillows accent a vintage end table*
These pillows turn a simple day bed in to a perfect reading nook*
These rustic pillows add extra comfort to the army green couch making it the perfect room to soak in the California sunshine.
You can see that the pillow possibilities are endless.  We recommend setting a budget, going to your favorite shops, and then purchasing pillows with colors and patterns that speak to you.  Worry about placing your new lovelies in their home sweet home when you get home.  Happy hunting and happy new year...vT*

Nothing like a little confetti and bubbles*

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