Specs. Check...

Thursday! The work week is winding down and Christmas is almost only a week away!

Sexy. Stylish. Classic. Nerdy. Academic. Spectacles have often been thought of as functional, but why not think of them as fashionable as well? Now your unique and individual style can be showcased where it can be best seen, right on the bridge of your nose! Chosen correctly, a great pair of eyeglasses can make anyone look smart AND stylish. There are more options today than ever, and people are getting more and more bold with their choices. We love it. This girl is totally showing her sexy "inner nerd."

Nerd Look
Go bold or go home, we say!  Every girl likes a man in glasses. Just sayin'. There is something so attractive about a man who rounds out his outfit with a nice pair frames.

There are soo many styles to choose from. Cat eye glasses, Owl eye style glasses, rimless, or bold colored plastic frames. Let your personality shine through your frames.

Most importantly! Do not limit yourself to only one pair. Stay warm! *vT

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