Cold as ICE...

Good Monday Morning!
Our Monday Morning Menu brings the usual sneak peak at one of Vintage Teal's latest pieces.  Though we have unfortunately sold out of this eye catching piece, we could not keep it to ourselves.  
"Ice" from the Isis Collection $120.00

Chrome iridescent beads, wrapped up in multi-colored stones, complete with ice gemstones, made the "Ice" from our Isis Collection one of the popular girls at our Holiday Shows.  Her fraternal twin the "Jasper" gave the same impression with a smokey, chocolate brown color scheme.  Though at first glance "Ice" is a statement in herself, we have found she can be paired with many outfits.  Imagine her as the cherry on top to any of the looks below.
Can you imagine "Ice" resting under this removable fur waiting to make an appearance?
"Ice" could easily serve as the pop of color to this sweet look.
vT felt something was missing from this Canadian tuxedo...the "Ice."
Hopefully, we have given you plenty of ideas to pair your own ice with...vT*   

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