Beaded Bag Bliss...

We have always had a strong affection for the perfect handbag, as they so admirably bear the responsibility of carrying our treasures.  Though for quite some time the boho carryall has seemed to be a crowd favorite, we have slowly started to see a comeback of the choice to carry something smaller, special, and hopefully sparkly.  Often forcing those of us, who enjoy carrying around something not unlike a MaryPoppins bag, to lighten our load.
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And lightening that load can be freeing.  Especially when it allows you to choose from an array of dainty options that can easily bring that special something to your look.  Which brings us to our inspiration for today.  BEADED BAGS....not a surprise for VintageTeal as we can spend entire weekends at bead and gemstone shows.  However, we believe that beaded lovelies are something everyone can enjoy.  Below are some of our very favorites...
Courtesy of My Style File
Courtesy of Nerdy, Pero trendy
Courtesy of Etsy

Courtesy of Bright Haven Days
These are just a few of the many sweet lovelies out there to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe.  Wondering were to find these little ladies?  We have spotted some fabulous, but expensive options at Anthropologie, that are definitely worth taking a peak at.  However, the best places to start shopping are at your local antique malls, vintage shops, and markets.  We hope that you saw something that caught your eye.
Happy Hunting...vT*


  1. Thank you kirstyb...we so enjoyed taking a peek at fashionchampagne as we love sparkles:)