Tip your hats to Union Jack...

{Union Jack}
Happy Friday to you!  Vintage Teal has lots to celebrate today as we have a big weekend on the horizon, and one of us has some special new opportunities all in a week's work.  Since we are both fans of the red, white, and blue, we are loving the recent rize of popularity for Union Jack.  Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate the bold imagine into your lair.
{Pretty Pillow}

{Incorporate your Union Jack into a symmetrical wall collage.}
{This Union Jack adds a bit of warmth to a room for resting.}
{Several Union Jacks tie this electic guest room together.}
   For those of you that love the red, white, and blue, we hope that Union Jack might be a new good friend to bring some primary colors to you.  We will take lots of pics at the Affair to Care, so we can share our night.  Get some rest..vT*

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