High hopes...

Hi, Hi Monday!  We are so excited to start the week off as we are still giddy from our amazing night out this past Saturday at the Affair to Care.  Due to some minor accidents {two red wine stained dresses + one major dress malfunction}, we unfortunately do not have any cute pictures to share from the event....but we have our memories, right?  *Please call one of us for sharing time if you need a good laugh today.  But we do have a pic of yet another Faylinn from our Isis Collection.  We simply cannot get enough of jewelry with geodes.    

The two things we really love about this Faylinn are the larger size and contrast of colors.  Also you might have noticed in the first picture the high rise of the jeans.  The two of us at Vintage Teal both went shopping this weekend separately and purchased these amazing dark, high-waisted jeans from Forever 21.  We love, love them.  Check back tomorrow for something new...vt*  

P.S.  Our two lovelies in this weekend's silent auction at the event were a hit.  So much so, that two very sweet bidders where guarding the display minutes before the auction closed to ensure that they made it home with some VintageTeal.  This of course was the cherry on top since we were so excited to be a part of the silent auction that raised an amazing amount of funds for pediatric cancer research.  {We love you Jules & are so proud of you!}


  1. j.reasons is modest - those Vintage Teal necklaces were a HUGE hit & raised a lot of money! Don't worry VT friends & followers, I have pictures to share that are pre-red wine & pre-malfunction.

    Thanks again to everyone who attended The Affair To Care & supported SEYA's fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer reserach!

  2. Love the necklace!!! It's beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much Renee B....check back next week, we will have details on how to get a free VintageTeal piece:)...happy tuesday!