She wears the pants...

As a general thing, when a woman wears the pants in a family, she has a good right to them."--Josh Billings

We here at VintageTeal grew up in the mid-90's, early-00's, so we remember the time when low waisted pants ruled the streets. Now that we are older and our style is, dare we say, more refined, we are really loving the high waisted, wide leg trouser look. Skinnies have been in for so long, we are glad to let our legs have a breath of fresh air.

Hello 1940
Katherine Hepburn always looked astonishing... who wouldn't want to dress like her from time to time? A few tips for wearing this classy look. Go with a fitted top{maybe a cardigan or a plain white tank with lovely piece of jewelry, see post above for some new vT pieces}, tucked in to the pant and belted if necessary. Also, a wedge or heel is a must when wearing this look. Check out local vintage shops for some great deals on wide legged trousers.
Katherine Hepburn
Wild, but we love it!

Classic looks by MK

Happy Tuesday readers! *vT

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