Make way for ducklings...

"Always behave like a duck-keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath." -Jacob Braude

We believe this is one of those perfect sayings to keep in mind regularly.  After all, who doesn't want to appear calm and unruffled...peaceful even?  However, we are not completely sold on the unruffled bit when it applies to our clothes because who doesn't love a good ruffle?  But calm and unruffled while working our butts off...yes, we will take it.  Just like we will take a pair of the  duck boots popping up all over the place. 
Sweet ducklings to weather the storm*
These boots seemed to really hit the scene after Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2010 images hit the scene.  Take a peak below, and you can see why.
Tommy Hilfiger Winter 2010
We think the OTK boots are beyond amazing, but they are a tinsy bit pricey and not to mention sold out everywhere.  We checked.  Not to worry though because the options for these pretty little ducklings seem to be endless...about as endless as the ways to style them.  We used to think that duck boots were reserved for those rainy days when you opted to old "who cares about you" boots to protect your other shoes from stressful weather..not any more.
Ducklings in all shapes, colors, and sizes*
We love these styled with rolled skinnies*
Red Ducklings*

So...we say make way for the ducklings because they are coming whether you like it or not...vT*

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