Stripes done right...

"As long as we have Zebras in our midst, I shall be content." -Atlo Dogong {@ a trade meeting in Nairobi, Kenya}
When in comes to animal prints, many love leopard spots, but zebra stripes often seem to come in a distant second.  The zebra itself is such a beautiful creature, and there is no doubt they always seem to stand out in their natural habitat.  However, we understand why they so rarely receive the blue ribbon when it comes to design because it is not an easy print to incorporate into your home.  Though created with a simple black and white, if done incorrectly any zebra print {no matter how pretty} can make you want to shut your eyes.  So for all of you zebra stripe lovers...we have taken some time today to show you some stripes done right.
Zebra pillows are the perfect way to start small with stripes.
We are not sure about that mirror, but the sweet little ottoman..yes please.
The zebra rug really brings out the clean black & white color scheme of this soothing living space.
Mixing zebra prints surprisingly works here with a faded rug and vibrant bed frame.
The larger zebra print size and rustic wash of this wall makes for a work of art. {A Zebra Wall...certainly for the stripe loving.}
We hope you have enjoyed the stripes.  Now maybe you will feel a little bit better about doing it right...happy weekend..vT*

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  1. I love this! You know animal prints and especially zebra prints are a favorite!