Nooks filled with books...

"No two persons ever read the same book." --Edmond Wilson

Academia is one beautiful thing, especially in your home. Let us explain... Picture this: Two elderly gentlemen sitting in large, over-stuffed, button back leather chairs wearing crushed velvet smoking jackets lined with crimson silk, sipping fine brandy and smoking cigars. Next: Tall mahogany panels on the walls with built in shelves filled to the brim with books. Books everywhere the eye can see. Ohh, and the ladder that slides back and forth really fast while we are hunting for books. Yeh, we like the ladder... We are talking about home libraries! We love them and it is a requirement{in our minds at least} to have one in our homes someday. You will be glad to know home libraries have come a long way in the years and there are so many options out there to make it a perfect little hideaway to read or relax.
Cozy and Inviting
Do not be scared to incorporate color and texture into your home library. You want to make this space as comfortable as possible. Bring textured throws and rugs in so you can sit in here in your jammies, sip coffee and read. Books can be found anywhere. The flea market is a great place to start if you want to find beautiful vintage reading material, or check out second hand book stores. They are really a forgotten gem.  Here are a few more beautiful ideas for a home library!
Books forever!
Pug not included, gorgeous color grouping though...

Beautiful home library

We hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend and hope this inspired you to do something with all of your beautiful books! See you Monday! <3 *vT

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