For Jackie...

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  We hope that your city has as many amazing opportunities to celebrate this special day as ours!
We have been looking forward to sharing this picture since the holidays, so we are happy to let you take a peak at the "Jacquelyn" named after the lucky lady it was purchased for from our Agatha Collection.
 Anything but ordinary this piece also has a sweet story.  As our first holiday show was beginning to wrap up, we had a friend stop by to pick something out for his very special lady.  As we were showing him all the pieces we thought she might like, he walked right up to this girl and said, "How about this one?"  Of course we love this piece as it is the only of its kind and made from a vintage rhinestone belt buckle.  We also were a tinsy bit surprised he picked it as we thought this bold accessory might leave some, especially men, scratching their head.  But his mind was made up.  Purchased and packaged he left with a grin.  Our favorite part of the story...he told us that she loved it so much he had to tell her she couldn't wear it every day*  Wondering what Vintage Teal would pair this piece with...
FOR NOW:  While it is still chilly, this look + cute, warm socks + a soft, turtle neck +  the "Jacquelyn" + your favorite coat
FOR LATER: When its warm, this look + the "Jacquelyn - those shows
  We hope you are still enjoying your necklace Jackie...vT*

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